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Apr 18 2017, 09:44 PM
I personally dislike ICC, and focus on a single CBox for general board discussion, and people using the tag feature to send alerts to people they are posting with to let them know they have a new reply.

For me, I have seen a few sites that are built on a solid plot, steady member base, lot of things to get involved with, but people are too focused on ICC with certain people rather than adding threads to develop the characters.

(ICC for those unaware means In Character Chatbox, btw)

I have seen a few that are like "ICC posting doesn't apply to character development at all unless you both want it to", but that is when you set up a forum for a 'What If' situation where people can post these situations out that are 'non-canon' to the board or character plots unless they want to add elements to their character from it.

For me, ICC actually kills a forum if it is not regulated. Having the option to use one is fine for tossing around random interactions to test how things go, but relying on it on a daily basis just seems counter productive for a forum environment.

But that is just my opinion on the matter. What do you all think about it?
Mar 27 2017, 03:59 PM
I have been writing on JCink off and on for a while, then I figured I would make my own board since there's a lack of TVD love going around. tongue.gif

I have it mostly set up and coded, I just need a sidebar and spend a few hours tweaking that to fit the skin I got from the Skin Gallery here, but I have everything set up... except for the sidebar and buying a Premium cbox, which I plan on doing in the next few days while I make tweaks and get ready to kick the doors open.

But aaaaannywho. I ramble too much. How's everyone doing? biggrin.gif
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